whistleblower false claims act south carolina bill nettlesIn the almost six years Bill was the US Attorney he took the qui tam/false claim unit at the US Attorney Office in South Carolina from two lawyers to over seven. This, almost quadrupling of resources, allowed the district to rise to one of the top ten districts in the country in terms of false claims recovery. In 2016 the office is slated to recover approximately 100 million dollars in false claims making South Carolina among the top ten districts in the country for recovery.

Bill pioneered a model that allowed the government and counsel for the whistle blower to form a formidable partnership that brought unprecedented resources to bear on companies that cheated the government. The model pioneered by the District of South Carolina now serves as a model for other districts across the country. Under his leadership, the District of South Carolina became one of the most productive whistleblower districts in the country. He respects what you're doing and he will ensure your legal rights are protected during the process.

History makes it clear that whistleblowers are invaluable contributors to a democratic society. A brave individual blowing the whistle on his or her unethical company can save countless lives, not to mention a significant amount of taxpayer money.

Of course, being a whistleblower is often difficult, and navigating the relevant state and federal laws requires a skilled, experienced lawyer. Federal laws provide protections to whistleblowers, and you have a right to avail yourself of those protections, as well as to aggressively seek recovery of the compensation to which you are entitled as a federally protected whistleblower.

It's a difficult time in your life. That's why you need our experienced false claims attorneys on your side. Bill Nettles will protect you and your legal rights as you navigate the legal system. And our newest attorney, Fran Trapp, brings with her over 20 years of experience working whistleblower and False Claims Act cases from her time as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for South Carolina, in which she worked with Bill Nettles when he was the U.S. Attorney for South Carolina.

If you're a whistleblower in or around Columbia or any other South Carolina community, or even if you live outside the state anywhere in the United States, you should speak with our false claims lawyer about representing you. Please call the Law Office of Bill Nettles at 803-814-2826 for a free consultation. We represent clients from across the state.

The False Claims Act



The federal government has long recognized that whistleblowers can play an important role in calling out graft and corruption in both the private and public sectors. That's where the False Claims Act comes in.

Originally passed during the Civil War, the False Claims Act both protects and incentivizes whistleblowers. It is designed to encourage those with knowledge of fraud against the federal government to come forward and report it.

It does so by offering financial incentives. Under the FCA, a whistleblower (known in legal terminology as a "relator") can file a legal claim against a private company in the name of the federal government, which then has 60 days to determine if it will pursue the claim. If the federal government decides to pursue a claim, the relator is entitled to a percentage of the recovery.

If it does decide to intervene in the case, the relator and his or her attorney  can elect to pursue the claim, the relator receives a portion of those damages- usually between 15 and 25 percent.

The FCA also provides legal protections for whistleblowers against retribution. But actually taking advantage of these incentives and protections requires a complete understanding of your legal rights under federal law.

If you've witnessed unethical or illegal behavior from your company and you're considering blowing the whistle, don't let fear stop you. Our false claims lawyer can protect you. Please call the Law Office of Bill Nettles at 803-814-2826 for a free consultation. Our office is centrally located in Columbia, South Carolina, but we help clients from across the state.