Securities fraud cases are incredibly complicated. Aside from the legal issues involved, securities fraud charges also deal with highly complex and convoluted financial instruments and strategies. Successfully defending someone accused of securities fraud thus requires a unique understanding of these complexities.

Bill Nettles has just the experience you require from your criminal defense attorney. He doesn't just understand the seriousness of the charges you're facing- he gets the issues, and he has worked with the people who pursue these charges at the federal level.

If you've been accused of securities fraud in South Carolina, it's important you find the right attorney to defend you. Please call the Law Office of Bill Nettles today at 803-814-2826.

The Nature of Bill Nettles' Experience

Mr. Nettles was the US Attorney for the District of South Carolina for more than five years. During that time, he was able to re-shape the US Attorney's office and dramatically change its priorities. One of those priorities was a renewed focus on white collar crime, including securities fraud.

His role overseeing the office's securities fraud unit meant that Mr. Nettles achieved a firm grasp of the complexities of these cases. More importantly, it meant he worked closely with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the federal agency responsible for pursuing securities fraud cases at the federal level.

Bill Nettles established a great working relationship with the SEC during his tenure as the US Attorney in South Carolina. He understands how SEC regulators and attorneys think and knows how they approach complicated cases like yours.

When you're facing significant jail time and massive fines, this experience is quite invaluable. There's no substitute for substantial hands-on experience in cases that are similar to yours. Put simply, Bill Nettles should be your "go-to guy" for high-profile securities cases.

There are no guarantees in the legal system. No attorney can promise you a specific result, verdict or settlement. However, Mr. Nettles' unparalleled experience means he can see the whole board clearly. He'll understand how your case is developing and advise you based on your best interests.

If you're looking for a South Carolina attorney with ample securities fraud experience, please call the Law Office of Bill Nettles today at 803-814-2826. We're located in Columbia, but we handle cases in Charleston, Greenville and every other South Carolina community.