No criminal defense lawyer can promise you a specific result in your case. Doing so would be both dishonest and unethical.

However, it's important to remember that your attorney's job does not end once a verdict is handed down. A guilty verdict, while devastating, does not have to be disastrous. Once the verdict is decided, your case will move into the sentencing phase.

Often times, sentencing is something of a pro forma matter, especially at the federal level, where mandatory minimums for a wide range of crimes are common. However, judges still have significant discretion in a range of cases, and a good criminal defense lawyer can make a compelling case for a measure of mercy.

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Sentencing Factors

There are a dizzying array of factors that must be considered when discussing sentencing. Every case is unique, and as such, it's impossible to confidently and accurately discuss possible sentences in your case without a personal consultation.

Some of the factors judges will consider when handing down a sentence include:

  • The severity of the crime, including whether or not a weapon was used in a violent crime
  • Any past criminal record the defendant might have
  • Relevant state or federal guidelines concerning sentencing for this category of crime
  • Mitigating circumstances
  • The presence of genuine contrition and sympathy from the defendant
  • A range of unofficial factors, including public pressure and electoral concerns

When a judge has flexibility to determine sentencing, the skill of your defense attorney matters a great deal. Bill Nettles has decades worth of experience in criminal cases- first, as a widely recognized defense attorney, and then as the US Attorney for the District of South Carolina. This unique experience means he understands how sentencing works and knows how to assemble a compelling case on your behalf.

Once the verdict is handed down, the important thing is to do everything we can to moderate the sentence. Our fight for your rights continues throughout your time in the criminal justice system.

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