Charleston criminal defense lawyerRepresenting yourself in your own criminal case can be a big challenge. There are many variables and obstacles that only a criminal defense lawyer can handle, despite your best knowledge and research. But how, exactly, can a defense attorney fight for your rights?

Criminal defense lawyers can help you in several ways, including:

  • Negotiate deals with prosecutors: An attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor to work out a deal in the case. This can include agreeing upon certain conditions that will ultimately lead to a reduced charge or sentence.
  • Formulate sentencing programs: Sentencing programs are tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. They can help you prevent run-ins with the criminal justice system down the road as well as create the potential for a lesser sentence. For example, if you were charged with drug possession, a criminal defense lawyer may encourage you to enroll in a treatment program to help you avoid future drug-related incidents.
  • Help defendants cope: When you are facing serious consequences for a crime, you may experience various emotions. A criminal defense attorney can help you cope with feelings of fear, uncertainty, embarrassment, anxiety and reduced self-esteem.
  • Familiarity with important legal rules and customs: Oftentimes self-represented clients are unaware of specific legal rules and customary court proceedings. A criminal defense attorney can help walk you through the entire legal process to ensure you get the best possible outcome for both you and your family.

Having an experienced criminal defense litigator on your side can help you with your case. Bill Nettles has the knowledge and skill necessary to fight for your rights. As the former US Attorney for the District of South Carolina, Mr. Nettles has achieved a successful courtroom reputation that he will put to work for you.

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