The reality of the legal profession is that the vast majority of cases are settled before they go to trial. This doesn't happen in many televised legal shows, as trials are more “dramatic,” but you can reasonably expect your case to be resolved before you end up in a courtroom.

But this doesn't mean that litigation experience is unimportant. Quite the opposite. Whether you're pursuing a civil claim or you've been accused of a crime, it's absolutely vital you find an attorney with ample experience actually trying cases in a courtroom.

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The Importance of Reputation

Litigation experience is important for two reasons. The first is all about reputation. Settlement and plea negotiations are not conducted in a vacuum. The legal community is akin to a small town, and everyone knows everyone else.

If a lawyer has a reputation as being unable or unwilling to take a case to trial, opposing counsel will attempt to take advantage of that. They'll leverage that reluctance into a deal that's more favorable for them than it is for you.

On the other hand, Bill Nettles has proven himself in the courtroom. He's handled difficult, complicated courtroom trials as a criminal defense attorney and as the US Attorney for South Carolina. He's been doing this for decades.

And other lawyers know that. They recognize that Mr. Nettles is more than willing to take a case to trial and that he's not afraid of the time and expense a trial brings. This affects how settlements negotiations develop.

The Reality of a Courtroom

The second reason litigation experience matters is that, while most cases are settled out of court, some still go to trial. And it's crucial your attorney has a keen understanding of the workings of an actual courtroom.

The theory and practice of law can be quite different. How does a lawyer connect with a jury? Handle a difficult judge? Construct a closing argument?

None of these things can be taught. They must be learned through hands-on experience inside a courtroom. Mr. Nettles has ample experience in local, state and federal courthouses. He knows how these courtrooms differ from each other and how to navigate each one successfully.

Bill Nettles won't be intimidated by the prospect of going to court, and he won't be unprepared if a case does go to trial.

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